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Drillers – drilling machinery manufacturer


Staltechnika is a modern company producing drilling machines for both horizontal and vertical drilling, as well as accessories. In our offer, you can find, among others, the following products: augers, drilling heads, pipes, extensions and many others. The constant development of the company allows us to better adapt our offer to your needs. Our team of specialists experienced in drilling, works to guarantee the highest quality of services, as well as products created with productivity and work comfort in mind.

Drill rigs – essential for drilling


The drilling machines that we manufacture are specifically designed to make it possible to drill boreholes quickly, efficiently and precisely. The individual drilling machines differ from each other in application, size and additional equipment and other parameters described on our website. As a manufacturer of drilling rigs, we therefore offer the following:


  • vertical geotechnical drilling rigs,
  • vertical drilling rigs for deep wells and heat pumps,
  • drilling derricks,
  • hydraulic power packs,
  • horizontal drilling rigs,
  • HDS drilling rigs,
  • vertical drilling rigs for WPK excavators.

Drilling machines and equipment are not all that you can find in our range of products. We are also a manufacturer of accessories for these machines.

Drilling rigs – available accessories

The following products form an important part of our range:

  • vertical drilling accessories,
  • drilling pipes,
  • adaptive couplers,
  • forked crowns,
  • horizontal drilling accessories,
  • drilling accessories for the CFA system,
  • probing accessories,
  • attachments for excavators.

We have designed the available products in such a way that they perform excellently in advanced and specialised construction work. As a result, our accessories are used on construction sites throughout the country.

Drilling rig manufacturer Staltechnika – why our offer?

As a renowned manufacturer of drilling rigs, as well as drilling equipment accessories, we have a great deal of experience in supplying companies that carry out construction work. You can therefore count on expert advice, as well as the customisation of each order and installation. Drilling machines and equipment, as well as accessories for them, are not all we can offer you. We also build to order, among other things:

  • hydraulic presses,
  • screw feeders,
  • mixers,
  • hydraulic cylinders,
  • steel machine components,
  • drill bits.

We also excel by providing machining services and crimping hydraulic lines. We kinldy invite you to take advantage of our offers .

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