Hydraulic presses

PPH-80 hydraulic press with a pressure of up to 80 tons. The press works in automatic mode, where the raw material is fed and collected automatically, and in a single cycle, during which the working movement of the sliders is activated by the machine operator. This solution avoids the operator’s interference in the working space of the tool.

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    Parameters / Type PPH- 80
    Nominal pressure up to 80 tons
    Supply voltage and power 400 V
    Power 7.5 kW
    Maximum working pressure 150 bar
    Belt speed 9 m/ min
    Slider lowering speed 0.45 m/ min
    Maximum slider stroke 665 mm
    Press dimensions 180/ 540/ H 308 cm
    Table dimensions 163/ 176 cm
    Tool dimensions 125/ 105 cm
    Press weight 4.9 tons