WGB Mini Geolog B geotechnical drilling rig on a caterpillar chassis

WGB drilling rig “mini geolog B” Hydraulic geotechnical drilling rig on a caterpillar chassis. Chassis width 900 mm. Chassis length approximately 1300 mm.

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    WGB “”mini geolog B”” drilling rig
    – max drilling diameter Ø100 mm
    1-gear or 2-gear head [option for an extra charge]
    2 gear head 1st gear
    – torque 1400 Nm
    – rotation speed 0-60 rpm [adjustable]
    2 gear head 1st gear 2nd gear
    – torque 1080 Nm 2160 Nm
    – rotation speed 92 rpm 46 rpm
    Drill head stroke 1800 mm
    Clamping force 36 kN
    Pull-out strength 36 kN
    Control panel folded under the mast
    Internal combustion engine ~23 HP gasoline engine
    Hydraulic oil cooler for continuous operation
    Chassis caterpillar
    Standard equipment – 12 V electric lighting
    Drilling rig weight (without accessories) 770-890 kg