We carry out customised designs on request. You can commission us to create various types of machinery, equipment or their parts and accessories according to your own finished design. On its basis, we will make:

– hydraulic presses
– mixers
– screw feeders
– drill bits
– hydraulic cylinders up to Ø165 with no length restrictions
– steel machine components

The services we provide include:

– crimping of hydraulic pipes
– machining services

Share your project with us via the enquiry form. Entrust us with your project and we will prepare a unit tailored perfectly to your needs.


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. You can approach us for advice on equipment, its selection and installation, as well as the workflow. There are specialists in the field waiting to answer your questions. Our staff of long-standing practitioners will be happy to help you solve your problem or select the equipment with which to carry out the work quickly and efficiently. Write to us! Take advantage of the enquiry form.


Depending on the customer’s needs, we can carry out on-site installation of drilling machinery purchased from us. Our fitters are professionals and practitioners, specialists in the field of drilling work. This guarantees the correct and reliable installation necessary for safety and smooth workflow. Contact us via the enquiry form, for more information.