Horizontal drilling rig WPH-350

A hydraulically controlled device, powered by the output lines of the excavator or the aggregate. It performs drilling with diameters from 159mm to 355mm up to ~ 30m in length depending on ground conditions. It is perfect for drilling for various types of installations, including: water supply, sanitary, heating, as well as electric networks. Drilling may only be performed with augers or augers in steel pipes. The device uses a drilling system, the so-called “”Boxer””, based on a set of two additional actuators, allowing slight movements of the augers themselves along the axis of the casing pipe. This system is used when encountering an obstacle or when drilling in very hard ground. In addition, the drilling rig has the option of a quick return stroke of the actuators, the purpose of which is faster installation of the next pipe. At the customer’s request, we make beds of the following lengths: 1m; 1.5m; 3m. Guarantee period: 12 months.

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    Parameters / Type of drilling rig WPH-350
    Drilled holes diameter Ø159- Ø355
    Drilled holes length
    in ordinary land
    Ø159 up to 40 m
    Ø219 up to 35 m
    Ø273 up to 30 m
    Ø323-355 up to 25 m
    Screw torque 2680 Nm
    Pipe pressing force 340 kN
    Number of rotations of the screw up to 58 rpm
    Pressure in the hydraulic system continuous 210 bar
    momentary 250 bar
    Length of screws segments 1m; 2m; 3m
    Length of the pipe sections pressed in 1m; 2m; 3m
    Base bed length 2.4m
    Additional bed length 1m; 2m or longer to be agreed
    Drive hexagonal 36mm or 46mm
    auger and drilling unit drive hydraulic
    Power supply from a hydraulic aggregate or
    an excavator*
    Drilling rig weight
    [without the aggregate and an additional bed]
    520 kg

    * in the case of an excavator, the faster feed and drilling system is not available