Horizontal drilling rig WPH-200

Hydraulic drive and feed of the drilling unit.  It performs drilling in steel pipes or with augers only.
The drilling rig is powered from an excavator, from a hammer outlet or from a hydraulic unit. The device has an engine speed control system and an actuator feed adjustment system for pushing the pipe in – allowing for the precise insertion of the first pipe section. The drilling rigs are produced in two variants of the bed:

-1700 mm (basic auger 1000 mm) or
-2300 mm (basic auger 1500 mm) or

It is possible to make a bed for drills 1.5 m, 2 m and 3 m long. For the machines we manufacture, we offer full accessories – drills, heads, broaches, etc. – on a separate order according to the recipient’s needs. Guarantee period: 12 months.

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    Parameters / Type of drilling rig WPH-200
    Drilled holes diameter Ø100- Ø219
    Length of drilled holes in ordinary soils Ø219 up to 20 m
    Screw torque 980 Nm
    Pipe pressing force 80 kN
    Number of rotations of the screw up to 46 rpm
    Pressure in the hydraulic system Max. 200 bar
    Length of screws segments 1m; 1.5m
    Length of the pipe sections pressed in 1m; 2m; 3m
    Base bed length 1.8 mm or 2.4 mm
    Additional bed length 1m; 2m or longer to be agreed
    auger and drilling unit drive hexagonal 36mm
    Drilling rig drive hydraulic
    Power supply from a hydraulic aggregate or an excavator
    Drilling rig weight [without the aggregate and an additional bed] 190 kg