Vertical drilling rig for the WPK-3 excavator

The WPK-3 model is the smallest excavator drilling rig manufactured by us. Despite its small dimensions, it has a high torque that allows it to make holes with a diameter of 300 mm to a depth of 1.5 m. We offer accessories for the drilling rig in the form of augers, heads and extensions.

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    Parameters / Type WPK-3
    Drilling diameters up to Ø300* mm
    Maximum torque 45 daNm
    Maximum working pressure 140 bar
    Rotation speed 40- 75 rpm
    Required excavator oil flow 8- 15 l/ min
    Drive connector cylindrical Ø50
    Drilling rig weight 18 kg
    Excavator weight 0.8-1.1 t

    * conditioned by the type of soil and the parameters of the excavator



    Below are videos of the drilling rig in operation:

    Drilling with a fi 300 mm auger