MW-100P – drilling mast for wellpoints

The mast is used to rinse wellpoints into the ground with water using a telescopic rod. The drill is equipped with two manual gears to overcome the harder layers of the ground. The mast also has the option of rotary drilling with a screw auger dry or in the CFA method – the maximum diameter of the auger is 400 mm. The machine is designed to be connected to excavators with a minimum weight of 6 tons.

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    Type MW-100P
    2-gear drill Mud with a passage of 80 mm
    a) drill stroke 4200 mm
    b) torque 1st gear: 1100 Nm, 2nd gear: 2200 Nm
    c) drill rotations 1st gear: 130 rpm; 2nd gear: 65 rpm
    d) clamping force and pull-out strength 36 kN
    Clamp for unscrewing the rods 30 kN
    A telescopic rod with extension from 4000 mm to 7800 mm
    Control From the operator’s cab
    (excluding gear shifting)
    Device weight 840-1000 kg
    (depending on the type of attachment to the excavator)