Vertical drilling rig for the WPK-11 excavator

Vertical drilling rigs are very popular accessories for excavators with a wide range of applications, for drilling holes vertically for various types of holes – from holes for fence posts, road signs, power poles, barriers, acoustic screens – to piles for foundations. They guarantee quick execution of works without disturbing the ground – with high precision of execution. The WPK-11 vertical hydraulic drilling rig is designed to work on backhoe loaders. Each of the drilling rigs is individually adjusted to a specific type of gripping device. For each of the drilling rigs, we offer augers of various diameters, as well as heads and extensions.

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    Parameters / Type WPK-11
    Parameters / Type WPK-11
    Drilling diameters up to Ø800
    Maximum torque 1000 daNm
    Maximum working pressure 180 bar
    Rotation speed 0- 45 rpm
    Required excavator oil flow 130 l/ min
    Drive connector hexagonal, hardened S=65 mm
    Drilling rig weight 336 kg
    Excavator weight 9-16 t

    * conditioned by the type of soil and the parameters of the excavator