Deep well drilling rig and heat pumps WGG-GU/C on a caterpillar chassis

WGG-G Drilling rig Caterpillar hydraulic drilling rig is designed to perform works in the following technologies:
– drilling with augers without pipe cover
– geotechnical drilling
– micropiles drilling
– drilling in the steel pipe cast [piezometers].
– drilling in steel casing pipes up to Ø219 mm up to 30 m*
– drilling wells and for heat pumps with rodes up to a depth of 80-100 m *

* parameters depend on ground conditions

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    Parameters / Type WGG-GU/C
    – max screw drilling diameter Ø300 mm
    – max diameter of drilling in casing pipes Ø219 mm
    Drill [rotary head]
    2- gear
    Option C ,
    1st gear | 2nd gear
    – torque 2190 Nm, 4380 Nm
    – rotation speed 96 rpm | 48 rpm
    – drill head stroke 2200 mm or 3200 mm
    – clamping force 46 kN
    – pull-out strength 46 kN
    Mast guide
    – mast stroke 600-710 mm
    – clamping force 56 kN
    – pull-out strength 75 kN
    Internal combustion engine Diesel with a power of 55 kW
    Hydraulic oil cooler For continuous operation
    Chassis caterpillars with adjustable
    driving speed> 1600 mm
    Driving the drilling rig Manually controlled
    [possibility of installing a radio control]
    Hydraulic clamp Without unscrewing or with unscrewing [option]
    Equipment – work lighting 12V
    – container for augers and tools
    Drilling rig weight (without accessories) ~ 2200 kg

    Below is a video showing the work of the WGG-GU / C drilling rig