Drilling rigs for deep wells and heat pumps on the truck

WPAD type drilling rig. Designed for vertical drilling, deep wells and heat pumps.
Drilling methods:
– drilling with dry rotary method – max. drilling diameter 220 mm
– drilling with augers in casing pipes – max. drilling diameter 219 mm [8″]
– drilling with rodes for risning
The drilling rig can be mounted on a truck chassis or a trailer.
The machine is prepared for independent operation – it has its own drive unit.
The entire control of the drilling rig components occurs in the hydraulic system.

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    Parameters / Type of drilling rig WPAD
    Drilling range with a auger up to Ø 220 mm
    Drilling range in the pipe casing up to Ø 219 mm (8″)
    Rod drilling range 160 mm rinsing head.
    Pipe clamp [without unscrewing] 219 mm + 168 mm and 133 mm inserts
    clamp stroke 1300 mm
    clamp strength 32 kN
    thrusting force 75 kN
    pull-out strength 117 kN
    Drill 2- gear
    drill advance 3400 mm
    torque 1st gear: 2300Nm, 2nd gear: 4600 Nm
    drill rotations 1st gear: 125 rpm; 2nd gear: 62 rpm
    clamping force and pull-out strength 45 kN
    strength in the rope 10 kN
    rope diameter 8-10 mm
    Drill 2- gear
    Cutter [impact]
    Internal combustion engine Diesel with a power of 55 kW
    Support feet for stabilization YES
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