Geotechnical drilling rig WSM-80 Mini Geolog A

The WSM-80 “”mini geolog A”” drilling rig is used for drilling vertical holes with the use of “”dry”” screw augers in order to collect soil samples. It is a mobile machine equipped with its own free-running wheel drive, powered by a drilling rig, which is used to drive the drilling rig at short distances to the drilling site in difficult terrain – where access by car is difficult. The drive has two gears: slow gear – for precise setting of the machine over the drilled hole, and fast gear – for driving. The drilling rig is equipped with screw anchors screwed into the ground to a depth of 0.8 m to ensure stabilization.

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    Parameters / Type of drilling rig WSM-80 “”mini geolog”” drilling rig
    max drilling diameter Ø70mm
    max. drilling depth in medium compact soils up to 10 m
    Rotary head 1-gear
    torque 440 Nm
    rotation speed 60 rpm
    drill head stroke 1200 mm
    clamping force 8.70 kN
    pull-out strength 12.70 kN
    Internal combustion engine gasoline 6.5 HP 3600 rpm with manual start
    Wheel drive low-speed and accelerated – temporary, hydraulic
    Drilling rig weight (without accessories) ~ 220 kg
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