Geotechnical drilling rigs on a truck GVM> 3.5 t

The drilling rig is designed to be mounted on a pick-up truck with a GVM below 3.5 tons. The drilling rig is used to drill vertical holes with a diameter of up to Ø160 mm and a depth of up to 15-35m [depending on the model], used in the study of the geological cross-section of the soil. The machine has its own internal combustion engine powering the entire hydraulic system, which makes it an independent unit. The entire control of the drilling rig components occurs in the hydraulic system. Depending on the model, drilling is performed with augers alone [without piping] or in casing pipes [model equipped with a cutter, winch, pipe clamp and drill travel]. Guarantee period: 12 months. We offer drilling accessories for the drilling rig: augers, drilling heads, caps, drill pipes, bailers, forks [leaves], etc. The SGB-50 geological probe, based on the dynamic method of soil compaction testing, can be mounted as additional equipment to the drilling rig.

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    Parameters / Type of drilling rig WSG- P WSG- W WSG- B
    Drilling diameter up to 130 mm up to 160 mm up to 160 mm
    Drilling depth 15 – 20 m 20 – 30 m 25 – 35 m
    Rotary I gear head
    Torque* 1280 Nm 1460 Nm 1780 Nm
    Rotation speed 0- 89 rpm 0- 89 rpm 0- 89 rpm
    Or rotary II gear head
    Torque* 1st gear: 1080 Nm; 2nd gear: 2160 Nm
    Rotation speed 1st gear: 92 rpm; 2nd gear: 46 rpm
    Clamping force 26 kN 36 kN 42 kN
    Pull-out strength 26 kN 36 kN 42 kN
    Internal combustion engine** 18 HP gasoline engine 23 HP gasoline engine 27 HP gasoline engine
    Equipment cutter, winch, pipe clamp, drill travel
    Possibility to mount the SGB-50 probe Yes Yes Only on vehicles with sufficient load capacity
    * output torque depends on the type of combustion engine
    ** as an option, it is possible to mount a diesel engine (Yanmar, Kubota) Below is a video showing the work of the WSG drilling rig.