Vertical drilling rig for the WPK-60C CFA excavator

Vertical excavator drilling rigs of the WPK C series are used to make holes vertically. The drilling rig is mounted to the excavator’s arm with a quick coupler or a pin. The technology of using a through head allows the production of CFA piles by connecting the pump directly to the drilling rig. The machine is designed for excavators weighing from 29 tons.

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    Parameters / Type WPK-60C
    designed for excavators weighing: from 29 tons
    Drilling diameters Ø300- Ø500* mm | Ø600- Ø1000* mm | Ø1000- Ø1600* mm
    drilling depth [estimated parameter, depending on the type of soil]: without limits | ~ 12m | ~ 6m
    gear 1st gear | 2nd gear
    torque: 1700daNm | 3400daNm
    auger rotations: 34 rpm | 17 rpm
    hydraulic engines: 2 radial piston engines
    required excavator oil flow: minimum 200 l/min
    central passage from the top [for concrete feeding]: Ø125mm
    required hydraulic system pressure in the excavator: max. 250 bar [recommended working pressure 200 bar]
    Hardened hexagonal drive connector: S-160 or 1680kg
    connector for a given excavator [per pin]: YES
    hydraulic hoses: YES
    weight [without auger]: approx. 1680kg