Geotechnical drilling rigs on a truck GVM> 3.5 t

The drilling rig is designed to be mounted on a vehicle with a GVM over 3.5 tons. As a result, the drilling rig can be equipped with a heavier, but more powerful 42 kW diesel engine, which is the source of the hydraulic pump drive that can power devices mounted on the machine, such as: a cutter, pipe clamp, winch or geological probe. In addition, the drilling rig has a larger mast, which allows the use of long augers.

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    Parameters / Type WSG-250 Drilling rig
    Maximum diameter of drilling Ø250 mm
    Maximum drilling depth
    in the land of categories I-IV
    for Ø130 mm up to 40 m
    for Ø250 mm from 25 to 30 m
    Or rotary 2 gear head
    a) torque 1st gear: 2190 Nm;
    2nd gear: 4380 Nm
    b) rotation speed 1st gear: 96 rpm
    2nd gear: 48 rpm
    c) drill head stroke 3400 mm
    Clamping force 48 kN
    Pull-out strength 48 kN
    Drilling mast
    a) mast stroke 600- 1100 mm
    b) pull-out strength 117 kN
    c) thrusting force 75 kN
    Internal combustion engine Diesel 42 kW
    Hydraulic power 3-section pump
    Hydraulic oil cooler Yes – for continuous operation
    Cutter YES
    Winch YES