SGB-50 – DPSH dynamic probe

Dynamic probing consists in hammering the probe tip into the soil with a hammer with a standardized weight and falling height. Driving is performed on the surface of the ground or at the bottom of the trench.
Use of the SGB-50 dynamic probe depending on the weight of the hammer:
– DPL light probe (SL)
– DPM medium probe
– DPH (SC) heavy probe
Additionally, at the customer’s request, we equip the probe with appropriate accessories. The SGB-50 probe can be mounted on any geological drilling rig. Compliance with the standard:
PN-B-04452: 2002 “”Geotechnics field research””
EN ISO 22476-2: 2005 “”Geotechnical identification and research. Field research. Part 2. Dynamic probing. “”

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