Geotechnical drilling rig WSG-WU Impact-Rotary

On the WSG-WU drilling rig mast, we install a drilling module called a rotary hammer drill. Its task is to put in a reciprocating or rotary motion of the drilling equipment connected to it. After the auger is attached, it is rotated, and after the sampler is attached, it is hammered. The above drilling rig uses NNS (Non-Damaged Structure) samplers for testing, with which we are able to maintain moisture, graining and soil structure. The collected samples are stored in samples. See the videos below the table. The drilling rig is available with two types of travel:
– on a chain
– on the actuator

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    Drilling rig type WSG- WU
    – maximum diameter of drilling Ø160
    Rotary head
    – maximum torque 1776 Nm
    – rotation speed 0-79 rpm
    Impact 140 J; 1500 strokes/min
    – drill head stroke 2300 mm
    Clamping force, pull-out strength 1. Mast on a chain of 36 kN, 36 kN
    2.Mast on the actuator 56 kN, 75 kN
    Internal combustion engine 1. Diesel, Kubota D1305 21.7 kW
    2. Gasoline, Briggs- Stratton Vanguard 23 HP 16.9 kW
    Control Two-section gear pump 40/10 l / min.
    Hydraulic oil cooler For continuous operation
    Equipment – 12 V electric lighting
    – output of the hydraulic lines to the clamp
    [possibility of connecting the hydraulic clamp to the pipes
    in the future]
    Drilling rig weight (without accessories and chassis) ~ 910 kg [with Kubota engine]
    ~ 830 kg [with Vanguard engine]