Deep well drilling rig and heat pumps WPU-13O on a trailer

WPU-130 type drilling rig. It is used in making holes for heat pump installations in rocky areas. The drilling rig has a range of drilled holes from Ø30 to Ø110. It is equipped with an upper hydraulic hammer and a lower water or air hammer. Two hammers are used when drilling. At the beginning of the process, the drill string is driven into soft soil with a hydraulic hammer operated by the drilling rig operator. When the rod reaches the level of hard rocky ground, very high pressure water is applied to the lower impact hammer, which also activates the hammer. Thanks to this method, drilling depths of up to several hundred meters are achieved.

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    Parameters / Type WSG-130 Drilling rig
    Maximum wet drilling depth
    – upper hammer (hydraulic)
    – lower hammer (water)
    Max. 250 m
    Rotary impact head
    – torque 2200 Nm
    – rotation speed 140 rpm
    – hydraulic hammer 260 J; 1000 strokes/min
    – head stroke 3300 mm
    – clamping force 46 kN
    – pull-out strength 46 kN
    Mast guide
    – stroke 1300 mm
    – clamping force 71 kN
    – pull-out strength 152 kN
    Clamp for unscrewing the rods Double
    – diameter Ø32- Ø130
    – clamp strength 0- 45 kN
    Internal combustion engine Diesel 50- 70 kW
    Pump 3-section gear
    Drilling rig weight 2800 kg